Progressive and Bifocal Lenses: Vision at Every Distance

As your eyes age, conditions like age-related farsightedness or presbyopia may start to affect your vision. If you already suffer from an eye-related condition or disease, finding eyewear to remedy multiple vision deficiencies can be a hassle. Progressive and bifocal lenses are great for individuals with several vision problems. Additionally, they provide you with a transition from near to far distance vision within one lens!

Bifocal vs Progressive Lenses
Clear vision is essential for your lifestyle. The age-related onset of conditions, like presbyopia, causes the primary need for progressive or bifocal lenses.

Both progressive and bifocal lenses are used to combat the effects of presbyopia and provide comfortable vision for individuals with multiple prescriptions. For that reason, it is important to review your lifestyle to determine the best option for you.

Progressive lenses seamlessly transition between near and far prescriptions within the lens. Whereas, a distinct line separates near and far vision in bifocal lenses.
Consider your lifestyle, the demands of your job, and your personal preference when choosing which type of lens is the best fit.

Bifocal Lenses
• Two distinct powers in the lens, one for near vision and one for distance
• Has a distinct line separating the powers
Put user at greater risk for computer vision syndrome
• Provide wider lens areas for reading and computer work

Progressive Lenses
• Seamless progression between all distances of vision
• No distinction between different powers within the lens
• Most popular lens for anyone with presbyopia who wears eyeglasses
• Expanded intermediate zone for better computer vision
• Above all, they are adaptable to your lifestyle
We understand the need for comfortable eyewear adequate for your lifestyle. Due to the popularity of progressive lenses in the past decade, technology advancements have allowed wearers to see their best without adjusting their lifestyle.

If you would like to view a short video on progressive lenses you can visit our additional resource page: /lenses-frames/progressive-lenses/

Progressive lenses provide wider zones of clear vision to make activities like computer use and reading easier for the wearer. Early progressive lens designs had a soft blur during movement. However, today’s progressive lenses have reduced this blur to provide better vision for active wearers. Improved technology allows the labs to condense the size of lenses to fit the range of power changes. Consequently allowing those who desire a smaller frame to benefit from the advantages of progressive lenses. Progressive and bifocal lenses could be the solution you have been searching for, contact our office today!
Progressive lenses

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